Most influential books in history

This guide highlights books that made the largest impact in the world. We look at influential books across different decades and noted each book’s impact on society. Click here to get your Most influential books in [...]

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“Perfume” Kid’s Craft Printables

These printable labels allow you to label your very own homemade "perfume" after you make it with your kiddo. Simply fill a spray bottle with good smelling things and a [...]

Hemp 101: Sustainability, Benefits and Uses

The recent legalization of hemp in the U.S. has prompted discussion around the value of hemp. This educational guide offers insights on hemp and what makes it a sustainable [...]

Easy Low Carb Food List Printable

Hi Freebie Fox Team, I came across your printable dessert boxes (such a fun gift idea for the dessert lovers!) and thought you'd enjoy a free low carb and keto food list I [...]

Printable Money games

Hi Freebie Fox, Since you shared my colleague's Halloween games printables a while ago, I thought you'd like these printables to help kids learn about money. These money [...]